Restaurant - Bar - Roof Terrace, Restaurant in Cape Town

Restaurant - Bar - Roof Terrace, Restaurant in Cape Town

Restaurant - Bar - Roof Terrace, Restaurant in Cape TownRestaurant - Bar - Roof Terrace, Restaurant in Cape Town

About Us

"So... Here is looking at you kid."

Walking into Rick's Café Américain has the same feeling as walking into a friend’s home for dinner. 

 We are situated in the heart of cosmopolitan Cape Town in a charming 

135 year old Victorian building, decorated in a style reminiscent of the 1942 movie classic “Casablanca”

Our award winning selection of wines is sure to suit all tastes and features a wide selection by the carafe,  with 60 different beers, 120 wine varietals, 50 tequila brands and wide over 100 Gin, Rum and Vodka options, plus many Single Malts, Scotch and US Whiskey and other premium Spirits & and Liquors. ... we offer roughly 600 beverage items. - Spoilt for choice ?  

The menu presents a seasonal selection of  Global Tapas and a wide variety of dishes ranging from mouth watering Salads, Gourmet Burgers, fresh Seafood, mature Prime Steaks and Moroccan and Mediterranean Specialities  

- "we serve Comfort food"

So come relax and enjoy yourself with either lunching on the Balcony, sipping sundowners on the roof deck or enjoy a delicious meal inside this historical building, and we will guarantee you'll want to "play it again.”

 We all look for that place to recommend as being "my favourite place", well in this case you might just have found it.


- We also do Corporate Functions, Private Parties and have free WIFI for all our patrons.  

Our Theme, the 1942 Movie Classic "CASABLANCA"

 and its main actors:

"Rick's Café Américain" together with Humphrey Bogard and Ingrid Bergman

and the main actor...

Rick's Café Américain